We know that organizations are grappling with how to respond to COVID-19, and need to stay secure and productive during this critical time. Whether you are an organization trying to configure your MFA policies for remote workers or quickly onboarding new collaboration apps, we are here to help.

Okta Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication for Free

Any organization that would find value in leveraging the Okta Identity Cloud for remote work during an emergency situation should be able to do so at no cost. That’s why we are offering Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) and Okta Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for free.

This includes:

Okta SSO and MFA to 5 apps for all your users

Enable seamless access for all your users to their most critical resources from any device or location that is all protected by strong security policies. With Okta, you can

  • Securely connect your users to applications in minutes with out-of-the-box integrations for 6,500+ cloud, on-prem, and mobile apps
  • Seamlessly connect to your existing directory store, whether that be AD or LDAP, with no additional hardware or changes to your firewall
  • Easily add an extra layer of security for all your users with Okta Verify OTP, a lightweight, mobile authenticator for secure MFA
  • Secure employee’s remote access with SSO and MFA for VPN

Okta for Emergency Remote Work will be available to eligible organizations free of charge for six months from date of contract signing, with the option to extend as we track the situation.

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