Mergers & Acquisitions


We manage the entire IT carve out, ultimately delivering an entirely new, streamlined IT infrastructure aligned with its business strategies and requirements.

Intelligent, Informed
IT Carve-Out

For Successful Mergers & Acquisitions

For a successful merger or acquisition, discovery before the deal closes is critical. That’s why we perform due diligence and deliver a budget and plan beforehand, helping the client make an informed decision on advancing. Then, Impelix manages the entire IT carve out, from network and security to migration of the ERP systems, ultimately delivering a brand new IT infrastructure to the new organization—a consolidated solution aligned with its business strategies and requirements.



Delays in the IT carve-out can create costly penalties, sometimes totaling in the millions of dollars.


Lack of proper discovery means not understanding the true costs, often leading to overruns and delays.


IT operations that are sprawled across countries and continents can be an incredible challenge to consolidate.


Not having the foresight to anticipate hurdles can lead to mistakes potentially costing the deal millions of dollars.

Carve-Out Milestones

Our Step-By-Step Approach


Our initial IT discovery generates a comprehensive report of the IT environment current state allowing us to develop a carve-out budget and plan.

Budget Analysis

Delivery of our budget and financial analysis after discovery gives an informed perspective in regard to judging the financial viability of the acquisition and helps to avoid cost overruns and penalties.


We deliver a comprehensive program on moving forward with the carve out

Program Management

We fulfill services, plus engage and manage vendors who additionally provide services, ensuring the core architecture is in place for the ERP migration, among other things.

New, Consolidated IT Infrastructure

We deliver a brand new, streamlined IT infrastructure that is aligned with business strategies and meets all its requirements more effectively and efficiently—all done on time and within budget

Documentation & Training

At completion of the project, we deliver full documentation and training to ensure a smooth transition to the internal IT team


No overruns & penalties
Informed decision
On time, on budget
Streamlined IT
Documentation & training