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How to Prevent DDoS Extortion Attacks

An unprecedented wave of DDoS extortion attacks have targeted thousands of companies across sectors. Learn more about the attacks and how to prevent the damage and disruption.

Wednesday, November 18th at 10 am CST

FBI Alert: Unprecedented Ransom DDoS Campaign

Underway is a campaign by cyber criminals using the threat of DDoS attacks for extortion, unprecedented in its scope and scale.

The FBI has warned US companies that thousands of organizations across the world, from various industry sectors, have been threatened with DDoS attacks within six days unless they pay a ransom of anywhere between 10 and 20BTC ($113,000-226,000).

Make a DDoS Protection Plan

The FBI recommends companies use DDoS mitigation services to identify and block such attacks automatically before their networks are affected.

When a DDoS attack strikes, having a DDoS protection plan in place will make the difference between organization-wide panic and an orderly and timely response that keeps business as usual.

A DDoS protection plan will make the difference between panic and business as usual in the event of an attack.

Panel Discussion

Wed, Nov 18th

10 am CST

1 hour

Join us for a panel discussion co-hosted by Tech Data and Akamai Technologies

Gain insight into

  • How these attackers operate
  • Steps to take to help prepare your organization
  • How Akamai’s cloud-based DDoS mitigation platform is ready to respond to these threats

Meet The Panelists

Panel Moderator

Tracy Holtz

Director, Security Solutions

Tech Data


Tony Lauro

Director, Security Technology and Strategy



Roger Barranco

VP, Global Security Operations



Alex Ryals

VP, Security Solutions

Tech Data

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