Risk Realization & Remediation

Advisory Workshop

Our workshop is an advisory process that helps enterprises realize their current risk, revamp their strategy, and move forward with a roadmap toward remediation.

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Our Approach

Zero Trust Methodology

Signs of the digital transformation are everywhere. As security professionals, it’s the defining statement of our time, quickly re-shaping the cyber security landscape. A complex digital future challenges our existing, long-held operational models and established business processes.

Check Point believes navigating this future requires the adoption of a structured methodical approach to transformation. It’s simply not enough to choose a collection of technologies without a firm understanding of the why, what, and how they are used.

To help you tackle these challenges, Check Point developed an enterprise security framework capable of managing the process of transformation, end-to-end; and one that encompasses necessary security changes.

We work in complete collaboration with your key stakeholders
Our methodology is built on the principles of Zero Trust, making no distinction between and internal and external network.
It all starts with uncovering your business requirements and digital demands
All cyber security investments will be completely aligned to business priorities
Tool set consolidation, thereby reducing complexity, is a natural outcome of our process

Our Advisory Process

Timeline: 8 - 10 Weeks


Make risk real.

The process begins with an assessment of your environment to discover and identify risks, providing data and insight about your company’s actual exposure.



Align priorities.

In a collaborative, on-site workshop, our experts and your team review identified risks, clarify goals, prioritize areas to address, and develop potential solutions.



Map a path.

We provide a Workshop Report that documents the engagement, detailing the priorities and goals agreed upon, and delivers our recommended action with a custom, 3-year roadmap.



Take action.

As a follow up to the report, we formalize the recommended action into a proposal with pricing, ready to immediately begin the remediation plan and reduce risk.


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